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About Truckers Run the Nation

Truckers Run the Nation exists to build support for the transportation industry, and the lives that are affected by it on a daily basis. When we see truckers, we see the backbone of our great nation’s economy.

Without the trucking industry, some industries as we know them would not exist. So by inspiring others to tell their stories, with creative and upscale trucking apparel, we at Truckers Run the Nation want to bring awareness to the general population of all these hardworking individuals and what they do every day when hitting the road.

Our company is committed to distributing the highest quality American-made and embellished products when possible. We use premier fabrics and fashion-forward trends to give our truckers and supporters around the country  the best possible look and feel in a product, not to mention the longevity to perform and outlast year after year.

Founded and operated by a true and active trucker, Jared Poindexter, Truckers Run the Nation builds on his love and passion for the trucking industry to drive home the message that the professional community – from grocery stores to large corporations – can attribute much of its success to those willing to drive locally, regionally and cross-country to transport a wide variety of goods to their intended destinations. With help from his talented team, Poindexter is quickly developing Truckers Run the Nation into a coveted brand for the entire trucking industry, A BRAND OF TRUTH.