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Healthy Habits for Truckers in 2019

When miles and miles of highway are spread out before you, it’s easy to compartmentalize the drive down to a matter of traveling from one point to the next.

But when you’re a professional truck driver, a trip like this isn’t just a one-time thing, and you can’t neglect yourself along the way. This year, start adding in some healthy habits to your longer treks and keep yourself in tip-top shape!

To start 2019 off on the right foot, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite methods of staying fit on the road for you to use on your next job.

Food is fuel

You wouldn’t put cheap, potentially low-performance fluids in your truck. So why fuel yourself with anything but the best? It might be more convenient to indulge in fast food greasiness or quick, processed snacks from a gas station, but if you can plan ahead and stock your ride up with healthy eats for the road, your body will thank you! Almonds, granola, even eggs and carrot sticks if you can remember to bring a cooler are all ideal options that will keep you going and alert. And when you get a chance to stop for the night, be sure to find a meal with all the important food groups featured (yes, that means green veggies, too). When you ditch the less healthy stuff, you can cut down on some of the side effects like drowsiness that make an already lengthy drive that much more grueling.

Keep moving

Sitting for hours to drive your truck isn’t exactly conducive to a regular exercise routine, but there are some simple ways you can still work in physical activity while you’re on the road. We recommend working out a bit before you start a new day of driving so you can limber up before you sit in one place for long periods of time. But besides using your breaks for a few push-ups or squats, did you know you could turn parts of your cab into a roving gym? Attach a resistance band to the inside of your door, dips between the driver and passenger seat, and calisthenics in the cargo section are all great drills to run when you’re not on the road.

Make friends along the way

Long drives can be a lonely experience, especially if you don’t have family members to call regularly from the road. Taking the opportunity to socialize with other truckers when you stop for a break is a great way to reconnect with others, as well as get some great advice and regional info from your peers. They may not be your blood relatives or friends that have known you since grade school, but they do make up one of your communities and can be a big help in dispelling some of those traveler’s blues.

Whether you’re an experienced truck driver or new to the job, there are always new things you can do to make those long drives easier on both the body and the mind. Stay tuned to the Truckers Run the Nation blog for more, and shop our American-made merchandise to show your pride in the industry no matter where you go!

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