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5 Ways to Make Your Long-distance Drives Greener

As we race toward the new year, you’re probably thinking about your resolutions for next year and everything you hope to accomplish.

Here at Truckers Run the Nation, we’re always thinking of new ways to benefit not just the trucking industry, but others around us. So this year, we thought we’d share a few tips for cutting down on some of the environmental factors of long-distance drives.

If you’re a trucker, or even someone who happens to just have a long commute, these travel methods can help you coast through to a greener 2019.

Regular maintenance  

Eco-friendly driving starts with something you should be doing already for your safety and the wellbeing of your fellow drivers. Regular maintenance is key to a successful trip, no matter who you are or what you drive. We recommend never falling behind on your oil changes, air filter replacements, or checking on your tires to ensure they’re in top shape, as all of these and more can be contributing factors to the carbon footprint you leave behind wherever you drive.

Check your speed

It can be easy to get caught up in the rush of driving from one location to the next in order to meet a schedule. But constantly speeding up, only to have to slow down again, can do a number not just on your truck, but also on the environment! Accelerate gently and maintain your speed as steadily as possible to cut down on the amount of fuel you use. You should also avoid unnecessary idling whenever possible.

Plan ahead

It can be difficult to plan ahead when it comes to constantly changing traffic patterns, potential accidents, and even weather concerns, but checking routes ahead of time for existing deterrents can help you not only stay on schedule, but also avoid excess driving and greater fuel emissions. While you drive, avoid switching lanes as much as possible by paying attention to your preset route, and you won’t have to spend your trip accelerating and decelerating to keep up with traffic patterns and reach your destination.

Fresh air

Everyone likes a bit of fresh air, especially when you know you’ll be stuck in the cab for a while. But if you’ll be driving someplace warm enough to crack a window, reconsider sparing use of the air conditioning to equalize your temperature. Opening the windows actually makes your truck less aerodynamic, meaning it has to work harder to maintain its speed and therefore uses up more fuel at a faster rate.

Recycle on the road

It’s easy to accumulate a bunch of wrappers and disposable plastic or waste while you’re on the road, but there are a few ways you can minimize the amount you throw away by recycling along your route! Pack snacks and meals ahead of time where possible so you can make use of reusable containers, map out recycling stations on your route, and gather all recyclable materials along the way so you can make your longer trips a little greener.

Driving a truck doesn’t have to mean putting more strain on the planet, and this year, there are tons of steps you can take to make your long-distance drives eco-friendly. In fact, when you’re on the road, Truckers Run the Nation would love to see what you’re doing to reduce your environmental impact! Tag our Facebook or Instagram accounts this year with more tips, and keep an eye on our blog for more news in 2019.

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