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Thank a Trucker: Ways Our Truck Drivers Make Thanksgiving Possible

Every year, families and friends across America make plans for the holidays. And as one of the major days for travel and tradition alike, Thanksgiving is no exception.

For some, these preparations include putting together large meals for the whole family to enjoy, or arranging it so that everyone can see the annual parades and celebrations happening elsewhere.

But do you ever stop and think of the people that make so much of these festivities possible? As some of the main facilitators delivering those holiday essentials, truck drivers are responsible for more of your celebration than you might even know!

Stocking up the table

Thanksgiving is a holiday well-known for its culinary tradition. On average, Americans consume around 46 million turkeys on this day alone! That doesn’t even cover every other quintessential item you and yours purchase for the spread: fresh vegetables, ingredients for pies, and more. Without the truckers working to transport these goods from farms and suppliers to your local grocery stores and markets, Thanksgiving dinner might look very different from one year to the next.

Part of the parade

From the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to the many other processions held around the country, holiday parades need the types of vehicles that can support the demands of heavy equipment, floats, giant balloons, and all of the people that run the show. That’s where truck drivers come in! Even if they aren’t pulling the displays themselves, trucks can be used to transport everything from helium tanks to broadcasting equipment that make a parade that much more memorable.

On the road again

Planning on making a trip this Thanksgiving? Whether it’s to your grandmother’s or another country entirely, the fuel that your car or plane needs to take you from one point to the next this holiday has to come from somewhere. Truckers bring gasoline across the country on a regular basis, but around the holidays they tend to make more trips in an effort to make sure there’s plenty to go around for everyone traveling.

Black Friday supplies

It technically comes after Thanksgiving, but Black Friday usually gets coupled up with “turkey day,” and drums up just as much business for truckers. Imagine all of that merchandise – all of the sales that draw crowds of people hoping to get the jump on their Christmas shopping. For major retailers, the best way to transport all of that from the warehouses is to do so by truck. That way, each store location gets a bulk supply of what it needs to be ready as soon as the shopping crowd arrives early Friday morning.

No matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, chances are that a trucker had a hand in bringing you some of the holiday essentials. So this year, when you’re thinking of everything you’re thankful for this year, take a moment to thank a trucker! Here at Truckers Run the Nation, we can think of no better way than to simply show some support for the industry. Check out our fashionable line of hats, accessories and more!

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